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ADnook is passionate about helping you solve your marketing and advertising problems.  
We don’t really like the status quo. Or traditional marketing theory.

We love coffee. And board games. And books ( the paper kind). We’re just people—like you AND your customers.
People who want honest communication and to be rewarded.  

In a (coco)nut shell, ADnook values connecting people with people.

Pretty simple stuff, right?

What We Do

Stop wasting your ad dollars marketing to, “everyone”. Figure out who your target customer is, and let them know how awesome you are with a solid communication strategy.

The worst form of advertising is none at all. It can be EXTREMELY overwhelming with the amount of options to choose from. Let Adnook help you narrow your options to match your budget and begin getting new customers.

You thought you could, “handle” connecting all of your account executives with your IT people and designers….now you are getting overwhelmed by the sheer number of emails, phone calls, and meetings trying to set-up and monitor all of your marketing platforms. You have no clue what vector means, and you’re starting to freak out! Breathe deeply and relax. Adnook speaks the language so you don’t have to.

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Social Proof

  • Working with Brittany is a breeze!!! She is a true creative professional. She is incredibly thorough,prompt, and customer service oriented – a great mix of assistance to small business owners! She has done a great job developing and maintaining my firm’s website.

    Diana Davis Diana Davis - CEO @IntegriWard, LLC
  • I absolutely love working with Brittany! She is not only amazing at what she does (all things marketing), she is creative at heart and can truly think outside the box. I collaborate with Brittany on many of my projects because she really understands that the message behind a brand, and it's supporting image need to have depth and meaning. She works hard to tap into the client's essence, research their needs and craft a vision beyond their wildest dreams.

    stef-300x300 Stefanie Cassidy - The Brand Landscaper/Owner @BloomCreative

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