Confused about where to begin this whole, “marketing thing”?
No problemo. You’re in the right place. We help you make smart marketing decisions.

ADnook is for anyone who loves someone that controls a marketing budget. We help you create a unified brand vision and strategy. We believe you will have better success in the long-run if you and your team are a well-oiled machine heading in the same direction.

We are anything, but a traditional, “full service” ad agency. Since ADnook is not a full service marketing agency, we do not have all of the resources in-house to help every possible need. Think of ADnook as your personal content marketing and implementation specialist. Instead, we work with a network of intelligent, energetic, and collaborative professionals to create strategic recommendations for you. From designers and promotional products specialists to developers and SEO analysts, ADnook project contributors are highly capable to handle your next marketing project.

Through ADnook PageTurner, we will make a marketing plan with actionable insights that can be implemented right away.

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy enough? 



Brittany Zachary: The Brand Storyteller/Founder

See also: CPA wife (They balance each other out.) Mother of two.
Annoying lady singing in the SUV next to you at a stop sign.

Brittany is a self-proclaimed storyteller and a coffee-loving entrepreneur who frequently writes about herself in the third-person. After four years of working with amazing mentors and teammates, She continually found herself in a corner (literal and figurative)…her own personal, “ADnook”; a niche where she would strategize, create, organize, and act. Like everything else in her life, divine serendipity (AKA God), stepped in and pushed Brittany beyond her comfort zone working as a Marketing Director to birth a third baby…ADnook. (Starting a business really is like being pregnant, but I she will save that for a future blog post!) Brittany uses her passion to help ADnook entrepreneurs identify what differentiates their business, create a communication strategy, and implement it.