What We Do

Strategy and Coordination

Drawing and connecting dots to people is what we do. We create a road map designed to meet your goals and help you navigate along the way. 


Each visual component of your marketing plan is communicated through design. Do you really want your logo and business card to look like every other company? We can help with your logo, business cards, brochures, rack card, social media graphics, billboards, signs, and more.


Your online digital storefront should reflect your business. We create responsive websites that look great on any device while matching your brand identity and message.

Print and Promotional Products

Once you have your plan and designs in place, you need some swag to match. ADnook can handle that too. We can handle assisting you with business cards and letterhead to cups and pens. Let us know what you’re looking for today.

Traditional Advertising

Get advertising that works for your business without the headache. ADnook will determine which advertising platforms are best for your business budget, create the ads, and place the media for you on TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, and more!

Social Media and Public Relations

Social media is a form of your customer relations, sales, and public relations representative wrapped up in one 24/7 call center. It’s an adjunct to your 24/7 storefront AKA your website. If you want to be found on any search engine (Ya, know–the modern version of the phone book), or you want the media to know anything about your company–contact us. We don’t make the rules. Sorry. But, we can help you when you’re ready to claim your social profiles, manage your online reputation, and be, “liked”.

SEO and Digital Marketing

Be found. ADnook can help you with starting your enewsletter and claiming directory listings to implementing keywords, digital ads on your favorite sites, and all of those nerdy terms that simply mean people can locate your business online.

All that jazz.

Thought of something not listed here? We can probably help you with that too (or can refer you.)

Our Process: ADnook PageTurner

ADnook PageTurner If people are your target. This brand audit and marketing plan is for you.

Brands people truly connect with and love spark the imagination. These brands guide an internal dialogue that makes people think, “Wow! Imagine how much better my life would be if I had THAT! This company really knows me and understands what I’m going through. I have to have THAT!” Our goal is to help you re-frame the conversation you have with your tribe, and figure out how to get past first base. We show up at your store. We ask. We listen. It’s a completely patent-pending process we like to call, “talking to people.” This is the first part of market research and creating your ADnook PageTurner (AKA your marketing plan). Your ADnook PageTurner will be a comprehensive report with actionable insights by the end of our 3-step Process:Curate, Create, and Communicate. ADnook PageTurner is your marketing plan by people. For people. And it’s pretty powerful stuff. ADnook PageTurner is a comprehensive brand audit designed to make your marketing planning easier. Included in the brand audit will be:

  • A review of your goals
  • What has or hasn’t worked in the past
  • Competitive analysis
  • and actionable steps to build your business!

Explore the ADnook PageTurner process below.

This is what we call looking at the research and making sure everyone is on the same page.

Everyone should be on the same page. ADnook PageTurner involves all key decision makers from day 1. That way—you have the buy-in needed from the beginning to get your ideas into the marketplace. The cool thing about your ADnook PageTurner is that it starts with actionable consumer insights, an audit of what has worked for you (or not) in the past, and a competive analysis. This isn’t a, “go-with-your-gut” marketing plan. It’s diligently researched and put together, so your business can reach potential customers.

Create. Form a plan & make everything pretty.

There’s no committee in creativity. Organizational board room brainstorming sessions are a breeding ground for mediocrity and groupthink. Creating something new means being able to think about your business from a different (and sometimes an uncomfortable) perspective.What do your customers, competitors, employees, or fellow community members say about your business when you’re not in the room? ADnook PageTurner helps you do just that: see your business reinvigorated. ADnook PageTurner takes the age-old ad recipe of blending research, creative execution, + a splash of revisions into a delicious ad campaign….reeeefffreeessshhhiiinnngg!

Communicate. Implement your customized brand plan, and start connecting with your people for BIG results!

How good will your sales be if you never have an insightful conversation with our customers? Do not wait to get started implementing ADnook PageTurner. People who succeed build upon the momentum they’ve built. If you let a month go by without setting the plan in motion, your team loses interest…and pretty soon your brand plan becomes a dusty file hidden in a random drawer. Your customized ADnook Page Turner has actionable insights you can start right away. Don’t be a dust bunny. Step out of the darkness, and get started today.

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Marketing Advertising=so NOT you. You need a brand concierge and storyteller extraordinaire that delivers results. You’ve tried understanding the difference between GIF and EPS, and you’re so over trying to organize customer feedback surveys while making sure your ads truely reflect your business. You’re ready for your customized ADnook PageTurner. And you needed to start implementing yesterday.
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